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TFS Post build, how to deploy

Aug 8, 2013 at 4:32 PM
We are new to TFS, setting up a new 2012 environment. We have a gated check-in model working and we are successfully dropping our solutions web files and binaries in the build drop share. Our solutions typically contain projects that are either web projects or class libraries (that will need to be installed into the GAC). So far, so good. Next is how to deploy them to our development server, where the dev teams can verify proper functionality before it goest to QA.

We would like to deploy only the files that changed, not every file in the whole solution and its corresponding projects contents. For example, in a solution with a few web projects, if one page and corresponding dll was the only thing changed, we only want to deploy those 2 items to the development server (not the whole solution or project).

What is the recommended best practice to deploy these files from the build server's drop location to another development server?

Our web projects files are in the drop location and the path is close but not exactly the same as the target development server.

We do not need to setup IIS VD folders on the target server (they are already there), so basically just a simple file copy will do. We need to get them there. How do we do that?
Our class library projects files are also in the drop location. We need to get them to the correct NTFS path on the target development server (and if possible also install them into the GAC). Again, we’d only like to install the dll that changed, not deploy the and install all of the them. How do we do that?